Computing at Warton St. Paul's

Our Computing Subject Leaders are Mrs Fisher and Miss Dufour and they are responsible for ensuring our Computing Curriculum and resources suit our needs and are updated regularly to support our learning. 


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At Warton St. Paul’s, our aim is for the Computing curriculum to have breadth and depth and prepare children for their future by giving them the opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills that will equip them for the ever-changing digital world. Knowledge and understanding of ICT is of increasing importance for our children’s future, both at home and for employment. There are three aspects of the Computing curriculum that we aim to teach and these are computer science, information technology and digital literacy. These elements will be split into 6 different teaching units for each year group and rotated on a cycle basis. Through our cycles and progression of skills, each year group can develop their understanding in these areas by following the Purple Mash scheme of work and having access to a range of resources. This will follow on through school showing progression of skills and will ensure that children become competent in safely using, as well as understanding, technology.

Each class in school has access to a set of Chromebooks or Chromepads that can be used to support learning across our curriculum and during computing lessons. Children are taught computing at least once a week. We follow the Purple Mash scheme of learning for computing and use this to support these lessons. 
ICT is used across school for a variety of purposes and children are encouraged to consider how they can use ICT to enhance their learning. 
Online Safety is paramount and children are taught aspects of Online Safety during Computing and PSHE lessons. Arising issues are identified and teachers ensure that these are discussed in class or as a whole school in assembly where appropriate. Online Safety information is displayed on our school website for parents to access. Online Safety is a dynamic part of our curriculum and is adapted to suit the needs of our children and community when required. 


Class Teachers use formative assessments throughout the year, providing regular oral feedback to children during Computing lessons. Teachers use this information to identify gaps in learning to ensure children are supported and challenged appropriately, including those with SEND. 

Parents are updated regularly through our school website, and the children are able to look at what each class is doing on our Computing display board in school.